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PMG Research is an industry leader in market research, trend analysis, and target market definition. If you have questions, PMG will get you answers.

PMG Research provides comprehensive market analysis to those clients seeking to improve the performance of their ongoing product development and marketing initiatives. These companies rely on PMG to focus critical business investments including pipeline growth, market targeting, and event drives. By discovering and evaluating emerging consumer trends, vendors can tailor their product lines and services to better meet the needs of their existing clients as well as potential partners.

PMG delivers industry analyses in published white papers and articles, or executive summary reports delivered directly to our clients.

Why has PMG Research contacted me, and why should I talk to you?

PMG's clients are your vendors. PMG conducts market trend research on their behalf so that they may better understand and serve your market. By working with PMG, you are helping those vendors focus their sales and product development efforts to more effectively meet your needs.